Bài luận " Người Việt Nam"

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    Bài luận " Người Việt Nam"

    Các em sinh viên và bạn đọc thân mến, hãy đọc bài này và cân nhắc cho câu hỏi:" điều gì khiến bạn tự hào là người Việt Nam?"



    - Viet Nam is an agricultural country. There is still more than 60% of population working in agriculture. Farmers and all of relationship along are the basic knowledge to study if someone wanna know about Vietnamese people.

    - To people around the world that wanna learn something about Vietnam, they always read about Vietnam wars first because Vietnam had a really great history of defending the country from the savage enemies. The highlight throughout that history was the victory of Vietnamese against the 2 biggest imperialists France and America.

    - Buddhism was introduced to VN long ago then it became national religion in 13th century (in Tran Dynasty, all of the aged kings gave up their thrones and turned into king-monks which made Buddhism popular in Vietnam). Thank to the religion, Vietnamese still overcomes all obstacles and challenges in the history up and down.


    - Nobody can deny that Vietnamese people are friendly. The culture which bases on agriculture strongly reflected in every aspects of daily life. Farmers in Vietnam, who are usually poor and low- educated peasants, always need friends and partners for the work in the field .

    -Therefore, they often spend time for their neighbors and kins. The fact shows that there is only one way to gain others' attention and support is to attend and support others first.

    Besides, they are poor like each other, they don't need to show off or try to be smart‚. Among those truly honest farmers ; lies, cheating, and arrogance never exist.

    - Vietnamese are calm and patient. In several religions appeared around the world, Buddhism always trains people to be friendly and forgiving. Obviously, Buddhism formed and reinforced the friendliness of Vietnamese because Buddhism is still the backbone philosophy to judge somebody good or bad in the society.

    - In agriculture, people have to make much attempt: tame the wildlife, drain the flood, study the climate and weather, and learn much about nature and plants… And Vietnamese knew how to do it centuries ago. In the other hand, war history shows that Vietnam always had to defend themselves from powerful enemies who were many times stronger than VN. In order to fight back, they must know how to take use of weathers, climates, used stuffs ,geographical sites … But it was not easy at all to do so. Shortly, Vietnamese people are very intelligent indeed.

    - Vietnamese do enjoy their tradition too. There are hundreds of festivals and ceremonies in the whole year round which are both in public and at home. In every parts of the country, there are numerous religious places and cultural sites‚ both old and new crowded by people now and then. Those enrich and enlighten the social life. At home, parents still go on educating kids to follow traditional stylesƒ (Confucianism, ancestor worshipping, good-manner and morality education)


    - The war against the American involvement had tested all of good genes of Vietnamese: unyieldingness, wisdom, courage, sacrifice, perseverance... Above all, the unyieldingness was shining.

    - To face the cruel and strong enemy, the poor Vietnamese people had to suffer all of terrible damages and loss while US army continued threatening them with new bad tricks. However, they never gave up their hope and attempt. The victory of Vietnam was surely the result of unyielding spirit achieved in many generations.

    - Vietnamese people are not always well- prepared for life. That means major part of population is still living sub- standard because they don't have enough basic need like food, medical care, and education.

    - Supposing that an illiterate man has no money, no house, no skill and no government support; what will he do to survive in a big city? There are 2 options available for him: beg for money or commit crime. Nevertheless, Vietnamese don't do so but try to do some business with their poor abilities.

    - Hochiminh city has a lot of these people on the street - the street venders - They do much better than the dying homeless men in New York who just depend on welfare system. Definitely, Vietnamese are very adaptive people.

    - Vietnamese are very calm and acceptive. Tourists often have nice feeling toward the people they meet in Vietnam. Vietnamese don't usually show themselves tough or aggressive, they don't usually use fault language or raise their tongue, and the young people rarely have tattoos or skin heads. The international guests feel safe to walk alone at night and never have to worry much for crime like kidnapping or blackmail. In a crowded narrow street at noon, tourists hardly see much anger or annoyance on the faces of motorbike riders.

    - In what ways can someone make a Vietnamese crazy easily? Insult their parents. Foreigners really appreciate the ways Vietnamese respect and worship their parents. In the past, when the education was not good enough, it’s their parents who taught them to be virtuous person. For traditional culture‚, religionƒ, and hard living condition„, their parents' honour is untouchable


    They may be very friendly but also good at fighting. They are friends to the world but they can destroy any enemy. They live in hard life but they are not pessimists. Nature, wars, and religion define them- the VIETNAMESE.


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