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NEW TOPICS QUÝ 1 2022 - sẽ được giữ lại sang quý 2 - 2022 (15 parts 1 và 25 parts 2,3)

PART 1 NEW QUY 1 2022

  1. Cinema
Do you often go to the cinema?

Whom do you often go with?

Did you go to the cinema when you were a child?

Do Vietnamese people like watching movies at home or at the cinema?


Did you study art?

Are there many art galleries in Vietnam?

Do you like admiring works of art like paintings or pictures?

Would you like to take a painting or drawing course?


Do you like cars?

What was the last time you traveled by car?

If you could buy a car, what type of car would you choose?

Do you care about the color of the car?

Cooking & food

Do you like cooking?

Have you made a cake before?

Are there a lot of special foods in Vietnam?

Do you often have special meals with your family?

Mobile phone

Do you use a mobile phone/ smartphone?

What do you often do with your mobile phone?

Do you use your phone to text people?


Do you like receiving gifts?

Do you like giving gifts?

What was the last time you received a gift?

Are you happy when you get a free gift?

Shopping centers

Are there many shops near your home?

Do you prefer small stores or shopping centers?

Which shopping center do you like, why?

What do you often buy in shopping centers and in street stores?


Do you use mirrors? Do you think mirrors are decorative items?

When do you often use mirrors?

Do you like looking at yourself in a mirror?

What was the last time you used a mirror?

Lost items

Have you lost an item before?

What will you do if you see a lost item on the street? Will you take it?

What do you often do when you lose an item?

What would you do if you lost a valuable item?

Have you ever asked for help online when you lose an item?


Do you often use websites?

When do you use websites?

Which website do you use most often?

What was the last time you used a website?



Do you work or study?

Do you like your job?

Why did you choose that job?

Would you like to change your job?

Study (cac ban students)

Do you work or are you a student?

What is your major ? Can you find a good job with that major? (sinh vien dai hoc only)

What kinds of subjects do you like?

Do you use technology in your study?

Do you prefer to study in the morning or at night?

Do you prefer to go to bed early or late?

Do you find it hard to manage your time to study?

What would you do after you graduate?


Do you live in a house or an apartment?

Can you describe your room?

What can you see from your windows?

What kind of house would you like to live in the future?

Living area

Where do you live?

Is this a good place to live?

Is this a good place to raise children?

Have you ever lived in the countryside?

Would you like to live in the countryside in the future?


Where did you grow up?

Is this a good place to grow up?

Do you prefer living in the countryside or in the city?

Would you like to return to your hometown and live there in the future?

PART 2 NEW QUY 1 2022

  1. Something you received without having to pay for it (a product, service, gift)
What it was

When you received

Why it was free

How you felt about it


What kinds of gifts do businesses often give/ offer their customers? and Why they do so?

Is that an expensive way to advertise?

What services does the government provide for people for free?

Should the government give people money and free food?

A cake you were given on a special occasion

When you received

Who gave it to you

Why they gave it to you

How you felt


What kinds of food are often eaten on special occasions in Vietnam?

Do Vietnamese people prefer eating out or cooking at home? Why?

Do you think it’s important for people to eat with their family frequently?

Do you think eating with family is the best way to connect with them?

How have foods changed? (Are today’s foods better than those in the past?)

An interesting song

What it is

How you knew it

Who sings it

Why you like it


What makes a song become popular?

What kinds of music do people in Vietnam like? (young & old people)

Do you think in the past people preferred the same types of music?

Are there many music shows on TV in your country? Which shows are popular & why?

How are live music concerts different from recorded shows?

Something you prepared for that is important

what it was

What you did

Why you prepared for it

How you felt


Is it important to prepare for everything?

What do people often need to prepare for?

Do young people or old people like preparation more?

Should parents help children prepare for their exams?

A discussion/ conversation that you found interesting

What was discussed?

With whom?


Why it was interesting


What do young people in Vietnam often discuss ?

When do children start to have their own opinions?

Should parents influence (change) their children’s opinions?

Do you think it’s important for children to have their own opinions?

Should leaders listen to their subordinates’ opinions?

What kinds of jobs require good communication skills?

Should the government listen to their citizens’ opinions?

How can the government organize successful public campaigns?

A person you spend a lot of time with

Who he/she is

What do you often do with her/ him

why do you like spending time with her/ him

How you feel about her/ him

Does that person share something in common with you?


Is it important to spend time with others?

Who do people often spend time with ? (nen chia ra : old people, young people)

How about spending time for themselves?

Do you think people will spend more time with their family in the future?

Do you think an individual’s characteristics are influenced by people around them?

An ideal house you’d like to live in

What it looks

Where it is located

Why you’d like to live in that house


Do Vietnamese people prefer a house or a flat?

How have houses in Vietnam changed?

Are there any differences in the kinds of houses that young and old people like?

Do people in Vietnam prefer to buy or rent a house? why?

How will houses change in the future?

A skill an old people taught you

What it was

Who taught you

How you learned it

How you felt about it


What can children learn from their parents and grandparents? (knowledge & skills)

What can old people learn from young people?

Do you think young people can learn new skills faster than old people?

Are there any differences in the way people learn new skills today and in the past?

Do you think today’s skills are more difficult to learn than those in the past?

A place in the countryside you visited (a village)

Where it was

When you visited

What you did there

How you felt about the place


Why do people visit the countryside?

Is there anything special about the countryside in Vietnam?

What do people often do when visiting a village?

How has the countryside in Vietnam changed?

Do you think there will be more people living in the countryside in the future?

Something you did to learn a language

What language you learned

what you did

How it helped you learned it

How you felt


What are common problems people face when learning a new language?

Do you think foreign language learning is important to high school students? why?

What is the best way to learn a new language? Why?

Do you think studying alone is better than studying in a group?

How has language learning changed?

Describe a person whose work is useful to society

Who he/ she is

What he/ she does

How you knew her/ him

Why you think he/ she is useful to society

Does that person love their job?


What kinds of jobs offer a high salary in Vietnam?

What kinds of jobs get paid the least in Vietnam?

What should teachers do to increase their income?

What skills should be taught at high schools to make students become contributing members of society?

What are retirement ages in Vietnam? Do you think the ages are appropriate?

Describe a gift you’d like to buy for a friend.

what it is

who you are going to give it to

On what occasion

Why you choose that gift for him/ her


On what occasions do people in VN often give gifts to others?

What kinds of gifts are popular in VN?

Do you think people in VN prefer expensive gifts or meaningful gifts?

Do you think it is difficult to choose a gift?

Who is happier? The person receiving a gift (the recipient) or the giver?

A story someone told you

what it was

who told you

why you remember it

How you feel about the story


Do young children like the same stories as older children?

What methods can people use to tell children stories?

Why do children like stories?

How has storytelling changed? (now & in the past > technology)?

Do you think storytelling is important to children?

A rule or regulation you don't like

what it is

why you don’t like it

How other people feel about it

Have you followed it?


What kinds of rules do schools usually have?

What kinds of rules are common in Vietnamese families?

Do you think they are good? or bad? Should children follow them?

How should children be punished if they break a rule?

An interesting city

what it is

where it is

how you knew it

why you think it’s interesting


Do people prefer to visit old (traditional/ ancient/ historical) cities or modern cities?

What do visitors often do when they visit a place?

How to attract more tourists? What makes a city attractive to tourists?

What are the benefits tourism brings to a city?

What are the disadvantages of tourism to a city?

Who prefer to live in cities? Young people or old people? why?

Why do old people prefer to live in the countryside?

A course that impressed you a lot

what it was

when you took it

what you did in the course

Why you liked it


What factors are important to learning?

Why do some people have a better memory than others?

Can technology help people remember things better?

which can help people remember things better? words or photos?

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A person you follow on social media

who he/ she is

How you knew him/her

What she/ he often posts on social media?

Why you follow him/ her


What kinds of media do people in Vietnam like? (TV, Newspapers, radio, social media)

Why do people like social media? what do they often do on social media?

Do you think old people and young people prefer the same types of social media?

Do young people spend more time on social media? Do you think social media such as Facebook and Youtube are good for children?

Do you think other media such as TV and newspapers are still useful?

What kinds of people are often famous on social media?

An item of clothing that someone gave you

what it was

who gave it to you & why

when you got it

whether you like it or not

Have you ever given clothes to others? (cau hoi phu P2)


Why do people dress casually at home and formally at work?

What are the benefits of wearing uniforms (at work & school)?

What are the disadvantages of wearing uniforms?

Why do people from different countries wear different clothes?

Do you think traditional costumes are important?

A long walk you took

when did you walk

with whom

why you walked

how you felt after the walk


What kinds of outdoor activities do Vietnamese people like?

How has leisure activities changed?

Do you think children nowadays enjoy the same outdoor activities as they did in the past?

Do you think leisure time is important?

do you think men have more leisure time than women? why?
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