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The table illustrates the quantity of students attending four secondary school types in term of percentage from 2000 to 2009

Overall, it is obvious that the percentage of pupils enrolled in Community Schools saw a significant rise whereas the others plummeted sharply throughout this period.

In 2000, the student attending percentage of Voluntary-controlled Schools accounted for 52% of the total percentage. In contrast, there was only 12% of the total number of students attended Community Schools in the same years. In the subsequent 5 years, the percentage of students who joined in this school rocketed to more than 20% before reaching a peak of 58% by 2009. Nevertheless , the student attending percentage of Voluntary-controlled schools in 2005 hit a low of 38% and dramatically dropped to 20% in 2009

Grammar School witnessed the enrolled percentage in 2000 was 24% which was doubled than that in Specialist School. In the next 5 years , both schools drasticall shrank in the enrollment percentage of students which was 11% and 19% in Specialist and Grammar schools respectively . By the end of this period , there was only 12% of the total students attended Grammar schools that was higher 2% than those in the other.