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    Chia sẽ bài writing dành cho người mới bắt đầu học tiếng anh.

    Write a five-paragraph process analysis essay on the process of preparing for a special occasion.

    Class Reunion

    I have many special occasion in my life, but a special occasion I like is class reunion. In this essay, I will explain the process for preparing a class reunion.

    First, I send a text message to all old classmates. We choose a meeting place, a day and time. We also discuss about what food we would like to eat. After that we agree on an amount of money we will spend.

    Sencond, I will call a restaurant to make a table reservation and decide on a special menu for the reunion. I usually choose gỏi as an appetizer. For the main dish, we usually have rau muống xào tỏi, cơm chiên cá mặn, cá nướng muối ớt, lẩu thái…I also order a fruit platter for desert.

    After I finish talking with the restaurant, I start looking for a good Karaoke Bar. After I find a good place, I call them and make room reservations for everybody.

    After the reservations at the restaurant and karaoke bar have been made another message to all my classmates confining the place, time, table and menu.

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