Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1 + 2 + 3 chủ đề “Talk about your hometown”


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Mình xin chia sẻ cho các bạn bài mẫu speaking Ielts chủ đề "Talk about your home town"

Chủ đề tuy quen thuộc nhưng để xử lý một cách mượt mà nhất thì không phải ai cũng làm được.

Bài mẫu​

Well, Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is my hometown. The city, located in the South of Vietnam, is the heart of the politics and culture of the whole country. To me, what is so unique about Hanoi is that it has four distinct seasons. As Vietnam has a tropical climate, summer in Hanoi is super sticky, but there is chilly fall, which is also my favorite season.

At this time, I often get around at night by my motorbike to sense the aromatic scent of milk flowers which sprawls all over the atmosphere thanks to the breeze. However, not everyone loves it, some might think the fragrance is too much to take. I would say that Hanoi is one of the well-known tourist attractions in Vietnam, given that there is an array of historical sites.

Visitors should tour around places like Hoa Lo prison, which maintained treaties and prisoner figures, or visit Huu Tiep lake to see the remnant of the B-52 Stratofortress and then drop by Ngoc Ha flower village. One more activity that tourists should try is crossing the crossroad without traffic lights. I know it’s a little bit eccentric to do this, but chaotic traffic has been a culture of Vietnam.

Nonetheless, I do recommend that travelers do this under the guidance of a native since it’s quite dangerous. If I am asked whether Hanoi is a decent place to live, I will have a lot of considerations. Sure the living expenses are exorbitant, but the services from health care to entertainment here are fast and convenient, not to mention the labour market is huge. So, in my opinion, although residing in Hanoi is challenging, it’s still worth staying in this city.

Từ vựng sử dụng trong bài​

  • Sticky (adj): nồm
  • Get around: du lịch
  • Aromatic (adj): thơm
  • Scent = fragrance (n): mùi hương
  • Breeze (n): gió nhẹ
  • An array of sth: một loạt thứ gì đó
  • Treaty (n): hiệp ước
  • Remnant (n): tàn dư
  • Eccentric (adj): kỳ lạ
  • Native (n): người bản địa
  • Exorbitant (adj): đắt đỏ

Nguồn tham khảo: https://prep.vn/blog/talk-about-your-hometown/
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