Bài luận”Men Make House, Women Make Home”


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1. Men

- Men seem to have more chances to make a fortune and earn some reputation. For that reason, they are usually said to be the main financial roles and main columns of the family. They decide what to equip and furnish their houses.

- Men are usually stronger, tougher and more sociable. From very young age, they soon have chance to learn many social skills that women lack. They know how to make a business deal in the party. They are always willing for competitions and fighting. Winners take all.

- Besides, traditional culture and Confucianism are unfair to women and tend to protect men, so that men always say they are the first important and decisive characters at home.

2. Women

- Women still have many disadvantages which prevent them from proving themselves and being successful. They have to postpone their study efforts and business progress for giving birth and taking care of their kids. They are always called for sacrificing and suffering by the oriental society.

- One more thing is that women are indeed the emotional beautiful creatures who are ready to judge things by their warm hearts. As a result, they agree themselves to become the second role in the family.

- Though women don't have many convenient conditions as men, they play very important roles indeed. They help to look after the house, keep it clean and tidy; they help to take care of the kids, keep them neat and educated. We all have to admit that how important their roles are

3. Story to think

- Imagine that, you were a billionaire; you had the nicest villa ever on earth. However, whenever you arrive home, you feel so tired, so tense just for the non-stop arguments between you and your wife. Then you are disappointed with the bad school results of your kids. In the evening, you dine lonely with full of delicious dishes.

- Somehow you feel jealous of your next door neighbor. He’s only an ordinary commuter who has no chance to compare with you about anything but happiness. You envy him because there are full or laughs and talks in his poor flat, because he has an elegant wife and obedient smart kids. They share with each other little food in much love.

4. House and home.

- A man might be very talented and ambitious. He leads himself forward without scare or tiredness. He makes non-stop efforts in order to get more things for his home. Nevertheless, no matter how he tries, he's just good enough to build a lonely cold castle.

- Once again, we have to clarify the difference between house and home. House is the place to stay in, to hide yourself from the rest of the world. House could be a thatched cottage, a flat, a building, a villa, or a castle. Yet, the most important thing is house will possibly become home if only there's happiness in. Obviously, home is where to live and only a happy home is worth living.

- After all, who make your house a home? - That is your wife. Thank to her love, care, emotion, sufferings, sensibility; she makes everything in good order, she make you like to work harder and go home right after a long day at work


You may live in a renting room because you don't have a house yet. However, you will say to your colleagues you get home after work if you feel happy to live there. Women! Thank to you, you make the world more beautiful and a wonderful place to live
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