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Hi everyone,

Firstly I would like apologize in advance for my bad English skill. However I still want to find some partners for my weekly English Conversation on Skype.
My aim is improving our Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary Knowledge and Reading Comprehension by doing a weekly call on Skype at weekend mostly.

Now to the point:
Vocabulary Knowledge: I will send all participants a word list weekly and you should learn 5 words daily. We will discuss about them on skype when needed.
Listening and Speaking: I also will send all participants a video clip weekly. You will have to understand and be able to talk about it on skype.
Reading Comprehension: The key to success in learning a language is READING! Read as much as you can! You should do this part all by yourself. Try to read English newspapers and books daily and learn new words besides.

Everyone is welcome to take part but there is one condition for taking part in English Converstation => Your English level has to be at least A2. (If you don’t know your English level, please do this test: look for Cambridge English Website and do the "Test your English" part. Please don’t cheat!)

If you want more details about what I have told please don’t hesitate to contact me. I only except serious and patient participants who truly want to improve their English! You are interested in and want to join me? Please fill in the application and send it to my email address: learningenglishweekly@yahoo.com

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon! Please take note of this important information: We only use English to communicate with each other! I know it’s not easy learning English without any teachers but as people always says: Nothing is impossible! All you need is Passion!


English Level:
A short English text which contains the introduction of yourself, your strenghts and weaknesses in English included the reason why you want to learn English (I want to know a bit about your English Level)


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