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    Hi everyone

    My name is Dream. I was born in the family of 5 children. We are Illusion, Wish, Hope, Dream and Plan. Our dad was a general and our mom is a teacher. We all grew up in the land of loss, fear, shortage and poverty. Thanks to the hard life and strict teaching of our parents, some of us rise, some fall. Above all, we’re still moving on our ways with the great help of uncle Belief.

    Today, I am so glad to be here with you.

    Friends !

    Maybe we have so much in common, or maybe not

    At least we know who we are, what we have got

    What we believe, then we expect.

    Let’s go and clear off the drawbacks, let’s act as if we couldn’t fail

    No one can prevent you from building your dignity.

    Take me with you, I live in you, I grow in you

    Take this moment, feel your strength and mine.

    Today success.

    Fuji Keiko, quocanh_atusongvo_ngontung thích điều này.

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