Talk about the pros and cons of the Internet that students are using


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In a modern society that is continually evolving, we have easy access to world knowledge via the Internet. It offers benefits and drawbacks to students.

It is true that students can profit greatly from the Internet.

First off, using the Internet gives students access to a wide variety of information sources from around the world. On the Internet, you may get knowledge on any topic. As a result, students can utilize online search engines like Google to find the assignments, quizzes, presentations, and other materials they need for their studies.

Second, easier communication between students and professors is made possible by the Internet. They can communicate with one another online over the internet. It is possible to create online groups on social media sites like Facebook, Zalo, etc. with the purpose of sharing information. The Internet also reduces the importance of distance learning. Nowadays, there are many universities and schools around the world that offer online education.

Last but not least, many students use the Internet for leisure purposes. Numerous free movies, songs, and games are available on the Internet to help students unwind. For instance, individuals can find a lot of amusing things to laugh at by simply spending some time on Facebook.

In conclusion, it can be argued that students can profit much from the Internet in a variety of ways.

However, it appears that they are now spending too much time online, and students are restricting their access to other forms of entertainment as a result. Many students adopt a passive attitude or decide to isolate themselves from the outside world, only seeking happiness on their phone screens. We do not discount the benefits of the Internet, but we also need to mix web browsing with other outside activities. Although the internet is a fantastic source of entertainment for students, in my opinion they shouldn't abandon more traditional forms of entertainment in favor of it.

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