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Nowadays, there are more opportunities for women than there were in the past. Some people think this situation has caused more problems than it has solved. What are your opinions on this?​

In the old days, women had little chance to improve their careers; nevertheless, the case has changed as humans’ society has developed. These days, females have a wide range of choices about their jobs, which is supposed to have provoked a dominant number of bad impacts. From my point of view, I totally disagree with this idea.

To begin with, having more work choices not only helps women themselves but their families and communities. In reality, economic autonomy results in much more confident thinking, which makes a woman more precious. When females do not rely on anyone, they will be able to actualize their dreams and intentions without difficulty. What is more, working women’s husbands can share the financial burdens with their wives. Take my parents as an example, my mother is a teacher, thus, she has a stable income and can afford my and my brother’s tuition fee; therefore, my father does not have to worry about this problem, all of his salaries are used for my family’s subsistence. Thanks to this balance, my home always has enough convenience.

Although it is true that some mothers are workaholics and ignore their kids, this problem has not been widespread and can be solved by some particular methods like cutting down the working hours of women or creating some priorities for moms. Besides, it is undeniable that money made by working mothers can provide their children with a better living and studying environment. Also, they can still play with the kids at weekends or on the holidays and tighten mom and son’s relationship.

In conclusion, the more improved the world is, the more opportunities for jobs for womankind are created. This development helps females to chase their dream more easily, share with their husbands and even raise their kids better. Therefore, I do not see any disagreeable point in this issue.