Greetings at a Party or Social Event

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    Greetings at a Party or Social Event

    It is polite to greet many people at a social event. This is called "mingling". After you greet people you know look for people you haven't met before. Introduce yourself and start a conversation.

    * Say hello and introduce yourself to a person who is not in a conversation.
    * Talk about your relationship to the host.
    * Discuss one party related item (food, theme, length of stay).

    Useful Phrases:

    * Who are you here with?
    * How do you know Jane? (party host)
    * I don't think we've met.
    * Have you been here long?
    * Have you tried the cheese dip/dessert/punch?
    * Where did you get your costume?
    * The food looks great. I can't wait to try the dip.
    * I love your dress/shirt/hat. It really suits you. (looks good on you)
    * These decorations are wonderful. I love the table cloth/balloons/flowers.

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