[Chuyên đề] Chức năng giao tiếp – ôn thi đại học tiếng anh – Phần 1


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Như các bạn đã biết, trong đề thi đại học môn tiếng anh có 5 câu kiểm tra về chức năng giao tiếp . Ở series bài tiếp theo này (gồm 2 bài) luyện thi đại học tiếng anh xin gửi tới các bạn một số mẫu câu để các bạn làm thử.
Xin lưu ý ở 2 phần của loạt này, sẽ không có đáp án. Các bạn nên cố gắng làm hết sức mình, đáp án sẽ được gửi đến sau khi 2 bài này được post lên. Chúc các bạn ôn thi thật tốt.

1. “ Thank you for taking the time to come here in person.” “ _______________”

A. It’s my pleasure. B. I don’t know what time that person comes.

C. I’d love to come. What time? D. Do you have time for some gossip?

2. “ I have a terrible headache.” “ ___________”

A. Maybe I’m not going to the doctor’s. B. Not very well. Thanks.

C. Maybe you should take a rest. D. Not bad. I’m not going to the doctor’s.

3. “ Do you want me to help you with those suitcases?” “_________”

A. Of course, not for me. B. No, I can’t help you now.

C. No, those aren’t mine. D. No, I can manage them myself.

4. “What does it cost to get to Manchester?” “__________”

A. It’s interesting to travel to Manchester. B. It depends on how to go.

C. I always go by train. D. I don’t like to go by train.

5. “ __________” “ Yes. Do you have any shirts?”

A. Could you do me a favour? B. Oh, dear. What a nice shirt!

C. May I help you? D. White, please!

6. “What’s the best place to eat lunch?” “__________”

A. I’ll have a soup, please. B. There’s a great restaurant at the corner of the street.

C. I usually eat lunch at twelve. D. Twelve would be convenient.

7. “Maybe you can take a vacation next month.” “ __________”

A. Nothing special B. You’re welcome.

C. It’s very expensive. D. I don’t think so. I’m teaching all summer.

8. “What do you think of your new DVD player? ” “ ___________”

A. I love it. B. My brother gave it to me.

C. It was a gift from my brother. D. I always put it there.

9. “ How have you been recently? ” “___________”

A. It’s too late now. B. Pretty busy, I think.

C. By bus, I think. D. No, I’ll not be busy.

10. “Do you need a knife and a fork?” “__________”

A. No, I’ll just use a frying pan. B. No, I’ll just use chopsticks.

C. No, I’ll just use a can opener. D. No, I’ll use a cooker.

11. “You are so patient with us.” “_________”

A. Thanks, that’s nice of you to say so. B. Thanks. Have a nice trip.

C. I’m fine, thanks. D. I know. I have trouble controlling my temper.

12. “Can I try your new camera?” “_________”

A. I’m sorry I can’t. Let’s go now. B. Sure. I’d love to.

C. Sure. But please be careful with it. D. I’m sorry. I’m home late.

13. “________” “Yes, about ten cigarettes a day.”

A. Do you smoke? B. What’s the matter?

C. Anything else? D. Well, you should stop smoking.

14. “How well do you play?” “__________”

A. Yes, I used to play tennis. B. I don’t play very often.

C. No, I don’t play very well. D. Pretty well, I think.

15. “___________” “ No, nothing special.”

A. Did you watch the live show last weekend? B. Did you do anything special last weekend?

C. Did you have a great time last weekend? D. Did you go anywhere last weekend?

16. “Didn’t you go to the conference?” “ ___________”

A. No, I went there with my friends. B. That sounds nice, but I can’t.

C. Don’t worry. I’ll go there. D. I did, but I didn’t stay long.

17. “________” “ No, thank you. That’ll be all.”

A. What would you like? B. It’s very kind of you to help me.

C. Would you like anything else? D. What kind of food do you like?

18. “What was the last present that you received? ” “___________”

A. A fashion hat B. It depends on the situation.

C. Several times. D. I think it’s OK.

19. “Let me drive you home.” “ ___________”

A. No problem. B. Don’t worry. I’m all right.

C. I usually drive home at five. D. It’s me.

20. “May I leave a message for Ms Davis?” “ ____________”

A. I’m afraid she’s not here at the moment. B. No, she’s not here now.

C. She’s leaving a message to you now. D. Yes, I’ll make sure she gets it.

21. “Your boss looks like the aggressive type.” “__________”

A. Yes, he really wants to get ahead. B. Yes, he’s quite gentle.

C. Really? I’ve never seen him lie. D. Right. He ‘s so quiet.

22. “How can this dress be so expensive? ” “___________”

A. Yes, it’s the most expensive. B. What an expensive dress!

C. You are paying for the brand. D. That’s a good idea.

23. “I get impatient when the teacher doesn’t tell us the answer.” “__________”

A. Yes, it’s hard to think of the answers. B. Yes, I wish she’d hurry up.

C. Yes, she would know the answers. D. Yes, she speaks too quickly.

24. “Did you play tennis last weekend?” “____________”

A. It’s my favourite sport. B. I worked.

C. Do you like it? D. Would you like to come with me?

25. “May I speak to the manager? ” “ _____________”

A. He always comes late. He is not very well. B. Thank you. Good bye.

C. I’m afraid he is not in. Can I take a message? D. I’m afraid not. He works very hard.

26. “Where’s the view? The advertisement said that this place has a great view of the sea.” “________”

A. It has good facilities. B. It’s convenient to see it.

C. You can find it very convenient. D. You can see it from the back.

27. “Why did you turn the air conditioner on? ” “____________”

A. I think it is bad condition. B. I can’t see anything.

It’s a little hot in here. D. It’s a good idea.

28. “There is a baseball game tonight.” “__________”

A. Great. Let’s go. B. I’m not a real fan of hers.

C. Don’t mention it. D. Thanks. I’d love to.

29. “___________” “ Yes, I do. I like them a lot.”

A. What do you think of tennis? B. Do you like sports?

C. Do you prefer tennis or badminton? D. How often you play tennis?

30. “____________” “ No, I’m not. I feel awful.”

A. How are you? B. Are you feeling OK?

C. Is there anything wrong? D. What’s the matter?

31. “Where will you go on vacation?” “___________”

A. Probably to the beach. B. The beach is nice, isn’t it?

C. Probably I won’t think of. D. I have a four-day vacation.

32. “_________” “ I think the vase is broken.”

A. Can I help you? B. Why is it so expensive?

C. What is it? D. What’s wrong with it?

33. “What do you do for a living?” “___________”

A. I get a high salary, you know. B. I want to be a doctor, I guess.

C. I work in a bank. D. It’s hard work, you know.

34. “I wonder if you could do something for me?” “__________”

A. It depends on what it is. B. What’s it like?

C. No, thanks. D. I’m afraid I won’t come.

35. “Haven’t you put an advertisement in the paper yet?” “__________”

A. I’m not sure. Really? B. I will, the first thing in the afternoon.

C. I’m with you there. D. I can get a paper for you right now.

36. “Have you noticed that the manager wears something green every day? ” “___________”

A. I know. He is a good manager. B. Sure. He will do that.

C. I know. He must like green. D. He’d rather do that.

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