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Believe in Good
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WISH một động từ rất hay để các bạn tham khỏa thêm về cách sử dụng động từ để tránh sự nhầm lẫn đáng tiếc

1. Wish + Infinitive

I wish to see the production supervisor.

This is like 'I would like to see the production supervisor', but is more insistent and stronger, though still polite.

2. Wish + Noun/Pronoun + Past Simple

I wish I had the time to do it.

This means either that I don't have the time now or that I won't have the time in the future to do it, depending on context:

I wish I were/was rich.

Here, the speaker regrets that they are not rich now. Note that with the verb 'be', you can either use the past simple or the past subjunctive.

I wish I were/was able to go to the meeting next week.
Here, the speaker is clearly talking about the future.

3. Wish + Noun/Pronoun + Past Perfect

I wish I hadn't said that.
Here, the speaker is talking about the past. They said something and now they regret it.

4. Wish + Noun/Pronoun + Would/Could

I wish I could speak English.

Here, the speaker cannot speak English, but it is possible to learn it, so it is not as impossible as the sentences above. It is imaginary, but wouldn't be impossible to change the situation. If the subject of the verb wish and the verb after it are the same, we use could.

I wish he wouldn't make noise so late at night.

Again, the situation is imaginary, but it would be possible for the other person to stop making noise . As the two subjects are different, we use would. It is possible to use could when talking about someone not having the opportunity or ability: I wish he could join us.

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