Bài luận " Tại sao bạn vẫn cô đơn"

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    Bài luận " Tại sao bạn vẫn cô đơn"


    1. You doubt yourself

    - There are many kinds of people who doubt themselves. They are too shy and timid to confess their passion and interest to somebody. Some people feel jealous of the others for things they don’t have. Most of the cases, they are confused themselves about their abilities and natures. They turn dumb and really dare not do anything to show their feelings; clearly, they are not self- confident.

    - People are not self- confident for many reasons. They often take it so serious for their lack and loss. They have suffered the mean judgment and critics from everybody for age. They find themselves the failure of the system. As the result, all they want to do is walk away from the crowds and build a wall to keep them safe and lock themselves inside too.

    - Nobody, even their parents, shows them how to feel proud of themselves. They hardly see their good parts because of the constant mean jokes and pranks of their friends and neighbors. Therefore, they usually refuse everybody and react negatively too. Of course, they have their own friends, they hang around with the people of the same type .However, they hardly fall in love with each other for the plain fact that is “birds of a feather flock together”.

    - For these losers, they must change their attitudes as soon as possible. Since they change the way they think, they will see that they are just like anyone else who has both good and bad things. Problem is they have to find and solve their problem gradually and completely. There is a funny advice for a shy man who loves his perfect female workmate: “go kiss her, she will slap your face or she will follow you next 10 years, at least you’ve got a fifty- fifty chance. After all, she wants a man, not a touchy boy”.

    2. You are invisible.

    - Some people are very plain and monotonous. They can sit with you for hours without saying a single word. They are interested in nothing and care for no one. They completely lack the communicate skills. They can breeze the hottest atmosphere by their own cold dumb faces and boring behaviors. They are not interesting at all and totally can not join any groups.

    - In some situations, some persons are even WORSE. They are really mean and graceless. Those guys really have no style, no discipline. They are the kind of people that everyone would rather be alone than hang out with. Their lives are just a repeated routine of calculation and realistic benefit. They can’t love anyone and can’t be loved by anybody either.

    - The free- style is forever alone too. They may attract some people and be happy together for a while. And then, people soon realize that they are such suckers because they have nothing but the outlook. They have no commitment, keep no promise and believe in nothing. Consequently, nobody believes in them, nether do they.

    - Both losers and invisible men are boring people. However, problems of the loser can be solved much more easily than those of the others. Losers know their problems, if they have solution for it, they’ll be definitely able to escape the loneliness. But for the invisible, that’s the matter of their own feeling and thinking. Unfortunately, that living style became more and more popular in these days.

    3. You are I love me.

    - A wise man says:” if you love yourself too much, then nobody loves you”. Unlike the invisible who doesn’t care for anything, I love me man always cares too much about himself. He makes his issue the most important and his problem and interest are always on the top. Surely, people keep away from him and ignore his sadness and loneliness because sooner or later, he will turn them down.

    - It’s definitely not a shame if somebody cares a little bit much for himself because that’s human instinct and everyone does so. Problem will come when one ignores all others but cares for himself only without knowing that we can not live alone on the earth. Moreover, selfish people can not love anyone long enough, or more than themselves. Selfishness and aggression kill love. That’s the reason why they are lonely.

    - The world of the selfish people is so small. It is just like the single renting room and they feel so great to stay and enjoy what they have inside. They are the ones who occasionally complain about their loneliness because they are ok lonely, even they enjoy being lonesome.

    - One said: “I don’t know where the heaven is, but pretty sure that hell is the heart which is unable to love”. They are not totally terrible persons but miserable ones. It’s bad if nobody loves you; however, it’s worse if you can’t love anybody.

    - For the loser and invisible, they need much attempt to persuade people to hang out with them. Nevertheless, it requires a giant power to persuade themselves to change their minds. It is almost an impossible mission to convince the stupid man believe that he is stupid.


    We don’t know what love is, we feel it. For the lonely people, they are just not lucky enough or it is not the right time to find their other halves yet. In contrast, many really need much more than good luck and right time to be in pair. Those are right thoughts and enormous attempt in order to change them- the sad lonely ones- into the normal happy people.

    Nguyễn Cao An Tôn
    Thủ Đức May 3rd ,2019

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