Walking Dead Star Lauren Cohan Breaks Down Dead


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The Walking Dead: Dead City star Lauren Cohan breaks down Season 1’s major twist, admitting that even she didn’t see it coming.

The latest episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City includes a major revelation that reframes the entire story and star Lauren Cohan couldn't be more excited to pull it off.

The show's fifth episode reveals that Maggie (Cohan) has been lying to both Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Ginny (Mahina Napoleon) all along: While The Croat did kidnap Herschel, he didn't touch the community's grain supplies. In reality, the villain wants to exchange Maggie's son for Negan himself, a fact that has been obscured since the series debut. "I was so glad when [showrunner Eli Jorné] came with this story and that this was the twist," Cohan told Entertainment Weekly. "It was something I just didn't see coming and couldn't have seen coming."

The Walking Dead: Dead City kicks off with Maggie hunting down Negan and recruiting him to help rescue her son from the hands of The Croat. Her justification for approaching her nemesis for such a dangerous mission is his long history with the kidnapper, a reason that turns out to be a lie. "It's like, what would you do? If somebody said to you, here's this person and he may have changed, but you may need to say these things, what would you do?" Cohan continued. Episode 5 concludes with Ginny learning the truth and attempting to reconnect with Negan to warn him of Maggie's intentions.

Negan Back in Action

While Negan may have turned over a new leaf since the final moments of The Walking Dead, the character's violent past often comes back to haunt him in Dead City. Despite his instance that he's a changed man, Morgan's character has often needed to resort to his old ways to make it out of a tough spot, including one encounter that involved the deadly use of a cheese grater. "That survival instinct kicks in with 'What can I use to, to fight back?' A cheese grater happened to be at hand, and that gets that guy off of him," the actor says when discussing a particularly gruesome scene wherein Negan uses the kitchen utensil to destroy an enemy's face.

The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres new episodes every Sunday on AMC and AMC+. The show's Season 1 finale is scheduled to air on July 23.

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