How much will a koi fish tattoo be charged?


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Nowaday, the koi fish tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs. Many people love it for its lively and vibrant colors, while others who have an awareness of its symbolic meaning choose it for its masculine and persevering attributes.

Before having a koi fish tattoo, everybody would consider the cost. In this article, Tadashi Tattoo - Tattoo in Saigon Vietnam will answer the question: how much does a koi fish tattoo cost!

It depends on the size of the koi fish tattoo
The cost of koi fish tattoo is depended on the size of the tattoo as well as the number of colors and complexity of the design.


A small koi fish tattoo which is designed by Tadashi Tattoo


Another koi fish tattoo with high coverage, it’s normally high price

It depends on the complexity of the design
Besides the size of the tattoo, the price is also calculated by the complexity of the design. The higher of the complexity, the higher price you will pay. Specially, 3D tattoos are often expensive because of the depth, space and complexity of the design, as well as the skills of the artist.


One of the designs which is complex requires skills of artist, the more you will be charged.

And other elements...
In addition to the above two factors, the cost of koi fish tattoo also depends on the machine, the quality of the ink which tattoo shop uses, as well as the skills of the artist. Do not forget that the quality work often comes with a steep price, especially in the tattooing business. Instead of asking for a good price for the design you want, think of smaller or simpler designs that fit your budget. When you want to find tattoo in Saigon Vietnam, remember to us: Tadashi Tattoo!

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