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SECTION 1: Language usage
1. In the long term ……….is due to increase in the price of raw materials. This is the
situation where prices rise to keep up with increased production cost.
a. devaluation b. inflation c. recession d. crisis
2. In a accordance with our usual terms, payment will be by …………This is a letter
from a bank authorizing payment of a certain sum to a person or a company.
a. cheque b. banker’s draft c. letter of credit d. cash on delivery
3. We enclose our……….., which is a formal request for payment
a. receipt b. quotation c. commercial invoice d. bill of lading
4. The industry and constrution ………..is facing difficulties due to low efficiency and
a. set b. sector c. section d. part
5. It is complained that the Telephone and Post Communicatios Company is operating in
a very favourable environment without any
a. monopoly b. fluctuation c. promotion d. competition
6. We are proud of the very high level of services we offer and are accustomed to
organizing conferences ………..two thousand delegates.
a. out of to b. of up to c. from up to d. up from to
7. Sofitel Plaza Hotel has an excellent range of facilities and no doubt you will be aware
……the fact that the local area is rich in cultural interest.
a. for b. to c. of d. about
8. When we receive your bank confirmation of L/C, your order will be made ……..
a. for b. over c. up d. with
9. Impex is an international company which deals ……..a wide variety of goods.
a. for b. in c. of d. about
10. A fall in prices can result in serious difficulties to many producers and may cause
them to go ……..business completely.
a. through b. out c. out of d. into
11. The MD asked Mr. Green
a. that he had finished the report b. whether he had finished the report
c. had she finished the report d.if had he finished the report
12. The MD also wanted to know
a. when Mr. Green will submit that report b. when would Mr. Green submit the report
c. when will Mr. Green submit the report d. when Mr. Green would submit the report
13. Would you like …….coffee? Yes, please
a. any b. the c. 0 d. a
14. The goods in this catalogue are of ………..excellent value. I am going to order some.
a. the b. 0 c. an d. a
15. The Sales&Marketing Department will be divided into two ……….., a new
Management Services Department will be created.
a. Furthermore b. Therefore c. Although d. Otherwise
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