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XTREME BUILDER REVIEW and Jimmy Kim’s last launch CrazyKala did over $150k+ in revenue.

We are known to launch quality products that become instant MEGA hits.

2. Over $10,000 In JV Prizes Our JV prizes makes our launch a TON of FUN by giving our affiliates an incredible prize pool that anyone can win. We are giving $27,000 in Jv Prizes to make this contest exciting for Our VIP JVS.

3. The Scorching Hot Copy and Design With a 7 figure Copywriter(Jai Sharma) at hands to make the prospects understand every aspect of the copy, and another 7 Figure Designer to make everything easy on the eyes, by making everything look astonishing pleasing for everyone you send our way. Our salespage will have everything to make it another 6 figure launch. That means if you choose to support us, you can expect HIGH 5 FIGURE PROMO as our products literally get devoured by users. Combine it with massive proof and you have got a WINNER that gives some insane EPCs and conversions.

4. Covers All Marketing Niches The product is specially designed to cater marketing niches.All lists for any marketing iche would absolutely love it.

5. 100% FREE Retargeting We will re-target visitors you send to sales page, and bring them back to the website to make you more commissions.

6. Impeccable 24/7 Active Support We believe in repeat business and we go extra mile to make it happen every time. Our 24/7 active staff will give support to your customers throughout the year along with all the FREE updates to the Product.

We don’t want your subscribers to use our software for a week or month instead, we want them to use it for many years to come, and we do know how to do that.

7. Industry Best Conversion Rates Producers Whether it’s AllAppPress 2.0, Crazykala, XTREME BUILDER REVIEW Canvakala or any of our previous launches, all of them converted more than double of any other successful products, we not only provide quality products but also give high converting sales material and funnel to our partners to bring them loads of sales and record breaking conversions.

8. Support You Can Count On We don’t just promote you, we promote you HARD. You back us up and you can be sure, we are going to do everything to bring in crazy amount of sales.

Do Our Products Convert? Well, Proof Is In The Puddin'...Right?
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