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FRESH STORE BUILDER V7 REVIEW is founder and CEO of Fresh Enterprises. After being made redundant from his development job, he started a new business as an Amazon affiliate, developing his own bespoke platform from the ground up.

That was 2010. Since then Fresh Store Builder has kept getting better, kept adding new features, and every new version has been a bigger launch than the last.

At Fresh, we've got a track record of delivering quality software, a weapons-grade sales funnel and MASSIVE EPCs

But don't take my word for it…


I've known Carey for a few years and the best part I like about him is that not only does he create products that convert, but he also genuinely cares about the product quality and customer experience. Every single time I promote something Carey offers I make several thousand dollars. I just wish he had more products for me to promote!


Carey and I operate, by and large, in the same IM space...namely Amazon Affiliate Marketing, so were aware of each other obviously for some considerable time. I knew of his flagship product, FRESH STORE BUILDER V7 REVIEW (FSB) and he knew I was big as a provider of quality Amazon content. So one day we got talking and decided that we could really help each other out... and about 18 months on I'm so glad that we did!

Not only is Carey a close friend whom I can chat to anytime, but he is also an invaluable JV and business partner. He constantly wins or comes top 3 in my JV contests and is actually pretty invaluable to my business.

He is a great guy to get close to and is always out to help out his customers, friends and business partners...he's one of my closest friends online and will remain so!

MIKE MCKAYI told my list about Carey's incredible Fresh Store Builder in early September 2013... and to be honest, my calendar was so full at the time I could only get out 2 emails to my list... So you can imagine how BLOWN AWAY I was when I saw the results of my promo!!
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