Xốp, Nỉ đánh bóng Inox - Hiệu: Bai Ge và BSA

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    Xốp, Nỉ đánh bóng Inox - Hiệu: Bai Ge và BSA

    Công ty Nhật Phương chuyên nhập khẩu và phân phối trực tiếp vật liệu đánh bóng Inox như :Xốp đánh bóng Inox Hiệu: Bai Ge và BSA, Nỉ đánh bóng Inox hiệu Cá mập, Cá sấu…
    Polishing Disc(Unitized Disc, Ultra wheel, Grinding Disc)
    Minitype abrasive material for hand polishing machine, Made up of high temper nylon 66 staple, superior abrasive, functional additives and special glue. They are multi layers net structure, no rotation direction limit, easy to be used. It’s openning structure can anti high temperature, avoid color’s change and deformation of workpieces, and have long duration. They are used to remove burl, smooth the adge and angle of workpiece, decorate special patterns, without using grinding liquid. No burn on workpiece surface, no deformation on workpieces. The continue refreshed surface provide stable finishes, having high effency and durable for use., be used on the situation where it is not convenient for big polishing machine. It is flexible and durable for use.


    Diameter 75MM, 100MM, 125MM, 150MM, 175MM (3"/4"/5"/6/7"), special diameter can also be made. Thickness (width) from 0.5cm to 3cm (0.2" to 1.2"). The diameter of covers is 16MM, also can be different size and shape. Hardness(Density) from 4P to 18P, the normal Density is 9P and 12P. Color grey, red and white, can also other color(like maroon, brown, etc.). Covers can be plastic, steel, glass fiber can also other kind of cover.
    Use The same as other abrasive material, specially used on the situation where it is not convenient for big abrasive machine.
    No blockage, good brightness, excellent grinding effect, durable for use, workpiece's surface can keep for a standard.
    Giá rẻ hơn những nơi rẻ nhất!
    Để tiết kiệm chi phí hãy liên hệ:
    Công ty SX & TM Nhật Phương
    Tell/Fax: 04 3682 5388
    A.Lưu 0988 01 6768 ***0199 8877 866 C.Ánh 0988 2992 79***093 336 1979***0199 8877 739
    Email : info@nhatphuong.com.vn Website: nhatphuong.com.vn

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