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Coffee with oat milk is a new and strange combination. Nevertheless, it offers many new adventures for the culinary experience. Let's take a look at 9 interesting things about this drink.

Oat milk or vegetable milk (also called alternative milk) has become a new trend of food consumption in the world in recent years. The demand for alternative milk is so high that many suppliers have difficulty meeting market demand. The alternative milk industry is steadily growing and expanding with a total value of up to 16 billion dollars.

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Oat milk contains many important and good nutrients for human health. Oat milk is a great source of protein and carbs. The cholesterol in oat milk is about zero. Almost fat-free, the high consumption of oat milk does not cause concern about weight. The minerals in oat milk are also quite high with 24% of Iron and 5% of Calcium.

With different Milk Base / Espresso drinks, oat milk will be prepared and brewed differently. For cold drinks, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster selects special milk which goes through a sophisticated and complicated process of separating milk. That boosts the fragrance and taste of the coffee. Therefore, coffee lovers can have a more profound experience. For hot drinks, 100% oat milk is used, which helps push an extremely strong range of flavors. Thus, the coffee with oat milk leaves a great aftertaste.

Using oat milk helps to protect the environment. The livestock industry generates 15% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. And this industry also consumes more water than growing trees. Manure, waste, animal waste discharged is the source of air and water pollution. This amount of emissions is many times greater than the sources of emissions from other industrial activities. Animal wastes contain CH4, N2O, CO2, NO4 ... These substances cause environmental pollution and the greenhouse effect.

Turning to oat milk and using alternative milk products are of great humanitarian significance. Raising cattle and poultry on a large scale and with economic purposes often leads to the current situation of human mistreatment and animal violence. Humans often use antibiotics for animals, which also affects the quality of the products humans use.

Oat milk with coffee is an impressive and special combination. Although it is a bit strange when you have first taste, oat milk is very suitable for coffee. Together they help to push a strong incense, create a strong impression for drinkers.

Oat milk costs 3 times more than the price of Dairy milk (cow's milk), which is often used in Specialty coffee.

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A combination of oatmeal and coffee powder can be used to lighten the face skin. Oatmeal is the best natural ingredient that helps to lighten the skin, reverse oxidation on the skin and help fight inflammation, moisturize and soothe the skin. Meanwhile, coffee powder prevents the signs of premature aging and treats acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster in Da Nang is a rare and unique coffee roaster capable of creating flavors from a special combination of coffee and oat milk. This will be the future of the coffee industry.

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