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In some countries, young people have become richer, healthier, and live longer, but they are less happy. What are the causes? What can be done to address this situation?​

It is believed that, particularly in a number of nations, the youth of today experience a longer life and better health, despite all the material possession that they have. Personally, I would argue a number of principal causes of their unhappiness and
some solutions would be recommended to tackle this phenomenon.

The influence of internet platforms increases social isolation when young people spend more time and less time interacting with others. This can lead to the feeling of loneliness and isolation, which can have far-reaching consequences on happiness. Furthermore, young people are under more pressure than ever to succeed academically and professionally when parents all want their children to achieve higher social status. As a result, the youth riskily suffer from anxiety and stress which crucially contribute to unhappiness. Not to mention that, the youth fail to get access to happiness due to the advanced development of technology. Technology is a great source of education and entertainment. However, too much screen time would lead to problems such as sleep deprivation, obesity and mental health.
Not only the government but also parents could immediately address this problem by encouraging the young community to increase social interaction. Also, providing the youth with opportunities to communicate and make new friends. For instance, after-school clubs, sports, extracurricular activities and other social groups. Especially, the elder should reduce pressure on young people and allow them to enjoy their habits and convey their feelings. It is vital to help young people develop their own talents and favours instead of academic and professional achievements. In addition, parents should restrict children's screen time by making gossip and enjoying outdoor activities with them. Last but not least, the connection between family members is vitally critical. Family is the youth's foundation to develop and explore themselves. Helping them find lives meaning and purpose. These can be found via relationships, jobs, interests or spiritual beliefs.
In conclusion, by issuing these factors, we can help young people find back a sense of happiness and restrict the potential risks,