[ write a letter] Reply to complaint about damage

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    [ write a letter] Reply to complaint about damage

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    15 October 2011
    Mr B.Harrison
    Sales Manager
    Setmore Furniture Ltd
    Tib street
    Berks SL65DS​

    Dear Mr.Harrison
    I'm writing to complain about a ship ò tubular stell garden furniture we received yesterday against invoice No.G3190/1. The crates were damaged on the outside, & looked as if they had been roughly hamdled when we unpacked them, we found that some of the chair legs were bent & rusty, & the fabric on seating tom, or showing sign of wear.
    Two further creates from the con signment have not arrived yet, so use had not had the opportunity of inspecting.
    I have told the shipping company that we can't accet this consignment from you, & they have contacted your insurers.
    As we'll be unable to retail this consignment in our stones. We are returning the shipment to you carriage forward, & use shall expecr a full refund.
    Your sincerely,
    Managing Director.

    Và đây là yêu cầu

    Reply to complaint about damage

    B.Harrison, Sales Manager at Seymore Furniture, emails Jo Hayes, his PA, asking her to draff ảeply to Sir Mender. Note that his instructions only con cern the letter's content and signature he assumes that Jo will open and close it in a appropriate way. As Jo Hayes write the letter.
    -Write a letter replying to complain from Sr.Mender
    -Explain that the goods were checked before they left out warehouse, so the damage must have happened during shipment.
    -Say that we accep the goods C/F, and that we'll send the refund by banker's draft as soon as we received them.
    -And apologize for the inconveniece caused.
    -Asked him about the other 2 crates
    -Date Octobor 20

    Ai biết reply cái letter này làm sao thì giúp mình với, mình đang cần gấp lắm.:KSV@18::KSV@18:

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