Using "Lots of" in English

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    Using "Lots of" in English

    In spoken English we often use lots of or a lot of. In written English, it is more common to write many (for countable plural nouns) or a great deal of (for uncountable nouns) in positive statements.

    A common mistake is to use lot of. For example, "There are lot of accidents on this road". To avoid making this mistake, remember either to use a before lot, or to make lot plural - lots.

    We can say either a lot of or lots of before a noun. For example, "There are a lot of people here" or "There are lots of people here". There isn't any difference between the two expressions.
    We can also use a lot as an adverb to say how much you do something. For example, "She talks a lot".

    A lot is also used in short answers. For example, "Do you like swimming?", "Yes, a lot."

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