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Thành viên thân thiết
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40 câu trắc nghiệm về từ vựng
1. __________ luggage should be brought to the airport complaints de나 as soon as possible so that it can be assessed and reported to the airline upon arrival.

(A) Detailed
(B) Damaged
(C) Delivered
(D) Designated

2. Many banks have taken the option to sell investments _________ telephone in order to keep themselves financially viable and active within a competitive marketplace.

(A) by

(B) through

(C) across

(D) on

3. Most of Mr. Lee's associates have moved to the Daegu office, so he is planning to put __________ a transfer to go there next year.

(A) out for

(B) out of

(C) into

(D) in for

4. Many people take a nap in very uncomfortable office chairs, __________ they fail to get enough sleep on an overnight bus ride no matter how comfortable it is.

(A) though

(B) in case

(C) yet

(D) so

5. For most items in this store gift wrapping is __________, however, because of a huge consumer demand this Christmas season we will not be able to assure customers of this service.

(A) available

(B) containable

(C) reasonable

(D) allowed

6. The meeting of the heads of state in the White House lasted __________ after midnight because of a number of issues which had to be finalized without delay.
(A) to

(B) from

(C) until

(D) through

7. __________ the president might have said, it is clearly in the interest of all citizens to be sensitive to the issues surrounding this election.

(A) However

(B) Whatever

(C) Whoever

(D) Even though

8. Whatever the tabloids may say about his recent scandal, it is uncertain what the future holds __________ this dynamic young sports marketing manager.

(A) to

(B) for

(C) in

(D) into

9. After the buildings were __________, many people could entertain guests in stylish and comfortable surroundings without the problem of limited space and noise pollution.

(A) restructured

(B) reconstruct

(C) reestablished

(D) recreated

10. According to the most recent reports, work on the main subway tunnel is __________ as planned, and we hope that it will be completed by the end of the year.

(A) receding

(B) conceding

(C) increasing

(D) proceeding
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