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A rich man and his wife went in a shop to buy a bracelet. Neither of them was very young. They looked at a lot of beautiful bracelets, and after half an hour there were two which they liked very much, but they had not yet been able to choose between them. One of them was very expensive, and the other was quite a lot cheaper.
Of course, the shopkeeper wanted to sell them the more expensive one, because then he would get more money from them, so he said to the lady, "Oh, go on. Spend his money. If you don't, he will only spend it on his second wife."
For several seconds nobody said a word, and then the lady said angrily, "I am his second wife!"

A letter to a magazine:
"Dear Sirs,
Last year I saw an article in your magazine (I think it was in your magazine, but I am not sure) which interested me very much, but I have forgotten what it was. I wrote the name of the article and the magazine in my notebook after I had read it, but I have lost the notebook. I have also lost the magazine which the article was in. Will you please send me another copy of the magazine, if it was your magazine?
Thank you very much.
Yours faithfully,
David Williams."
:KSV@19:What do you think the person who got Mr Williams' s letter would do? :KSV@13::KSV@09:
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