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ROCKET BUILDER REVIEW during our special launch event, you’ll get a FREE seat to attend TWO Live Mastermind Sessions for Rocket Builder members only!

Here’s what you’re getting on these FREE Live Mastermind Sessions:

Some Common Questions We Get Asked:

Does it matter if I have a PC, Mac, or Tablet?


No. Rocket Builder is a Wordpress theme so it doesn't matter what kind of computer you have. All you need is Wordpress installed on your domain and an internet connection. We show you how to do that.

Are there any monthly recurring fees? Absolutely none! Rocket Builder is a one time payment ans you get to use it for life - as many times as you want - according to the license you choose.

What if I get stuck? Will you be around to help?

Yes, absolutely! Just open a ticket anytime and we'll help you out! We have been selling software online since 2010 and we will be around to answer your questions, even if it's months or years after your purchase.

Can the layouts really be installed with just 1 Click?

Yes! Watch the demo video towards the top of this page to see this in action.

Does Rocket Builder really come with 75 website layouts?

Yes! And all of these are ready for you to deploy on ANY website with just the push of a button.

Can I sell or flip the websites I make with Rocket Builder?

Yes! But make sure you get the developer license.

Does ROCKET BUILDER REVIEW come with any training?

Yes! You'll get instant access to both text based documentation AND 13 in depth video tutorials showing you how to use the software.

Are there any limits on how many pages I can create or how many visitors I can have each month?

NO! Unlike most web based page builders, we will NEVER put a limit on any of this stuff.

Because Rocket Builder runs on your server, you can enjoy limit FREE lifetime use of this product on as many websites as your license allows!

Can I use this for client websites?