Present participle


Believe in Good
Thành viên thân thiết
Tham gia
Bài viết
- Là dạng của thì hiện tại tiếp diễn:
He’s working

- Dc dùng như 1 tính từ:
Running water (water which is running)
Dripping tape / sleeping baby

- Dc dùng sau cụm “have + chủ từ + Present participle”
I won’t have him cleaning his bike in the kitchen (= don’t allow)
I have them all talking to each other (= encourage / persuade to take)
If you give all-night parties, you’ll have the neighbors complaining (=the neighbors will complain/will be complaining)

- Thay thế một đại từ q.uan hệ + động từ:
People wishing to visit the caves (people who wish/wished to visit the caves)
Boys attending this school have to wear uniform (=boys who attend this school have to wear uniform)

- Dc dùng sau động từ về giác quan (see, hear, feel, smell, notice, watch…)
I see him passing my house everyday
I watched them rehearsing the play

- Dc dùng sau động từ “catch, find, leave” + chủ từ + Present participle
I caught them stealing my apples (=I found them doing this)
I left him talking to Bob (=He was talking to Bob when I left)

- Dc dùng sau động từ “go, come, spend, waste, be busy…”
They go sailing (go + các động từ chỉ hoạt động thể thao như walk, swim, boat, camp…)
Come dancing
I’m going shopping this afternoon
He spends two hours (a day) traveling
We wasted a whole afternoon trying to repair the car
She was busy doing her homework.

- thay thế cho chủ từ + động từ ở 1 mệnh đề khác:
He rode away whistling (He rode away . He whistled as he went)
Opening the drawer he took out a revolver(He opened the drawer and took put a revolver)
She went out, slamming the door
Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to buy food on his journey, he took large supplies with him (= As he knew…)
The day being fine, we decided to go swimming