people nowadays spend less time with their families what are the reasons and effects of that


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There is no doubt that happy family is an indispensable target; however; the absence of family time tends to be accelerating within the upward society. This essay would point out the grounds of this tendency and its adverse effects.

It is worthy that this drift is attributable to a host of reasons within the primary reason is the hectic schedule and being under massive amount of stress when students are occupied with both overwhelming schooling tasks to meet the higher expectation and associating in the social relationship in turn to adults they lose themselves in jobs for extra hours aim for better income for household arts. Furthermore, the advanced technology lead to the overuse when people wholly immerse in the social network for personal pursuit as private relationship, entertainment which deprive of the time together.

It deemed that undesirable consequences would perceive, directly to the young generation when being overly expose to social network by the neglectful parents and tend to be addicted and contributing to wrong doings and loss of momentum in study which may lead themselves to the violence and crime. For instance, due to the china rating crime 70% of juvenile delinquent are likely to endure the same pattern in childhood with the lack of family education. Besides parents maybe miss out the chance to witness their offspring growing and other priceless family moments cause the deficiency in strengthening family relationship likewise there tend to be more conflicts.

Thus above reason people are having less and less time for family by the immense pressure in life and it impact badly to both individuals and families