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Be: positive form ( Khẳng định )
I'm (= I am)
You're (= you are)
he's (=he is)
She's (= she is)
It's (=it is)
We're (= we are)
They're (= they are)
Ex: I'm from Valencia.
You're a student.
He's twenty years old.

Be: negative form ( Phủ định)
I'm not
You aren't (= you are not)
He isn't (=he is not)
She isn't
It isn't (=it is not)
We aren't (= we are not)
They aren't (= they are not)
Ex: I'm not a student
You aren't married

Be: questions and short answers
Am I here? Yes, I am No, I'm not
Are you married? Yes, You are No, you aren't
Is he Egyptian? Yes, he is. No, he isn't
Is she on holiday? Yes, she is No, she isn't
Is it friday? Yes, it is No, it isn't
Are we friends? Yes, we are No, we aren't
Are they in new York Yes, they are No, they aren't

Qestion words
What + 's (is) your job?
+ are your names?

Where + 's Alain from?
+ are your friends?

How old + 's Richard?
+are you?

Who + 's your teacher?
+are they?

Personal pronoun and Possessive adjective ( Đại từ nhân xưng và tính từ sở hữu )
I my ( của tôi)
You your ( của bạn)
He His ( của anh ấy )
She Her ( của cô ấy )
It Is's (Của nó)
We our ( của chúng tôi)
They their ( của họ)

REMEMBER ( Ghi nhớ )
HisHer chỉ sử dụng cho số ít ( is)
Ex: His is for a man.
His name's Paul
Her is for a woman
Her name's Anna

Your là cho cả số nhiều và số ít
A: What's your name? B: Aldona
A: What are your names? B: Julio and Maria

Capital letters ( Chữ in hoa )
We use capital letters for:
- names Lara Croft, Queen Elizabeth
- countries China, the United States
- nationlities Brazilian, Greek
- roads 23 Stamfors Roads
- towns/cities New York, Istanbul