New Cambridge Advanced English Student`s book

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    New Cambridge Advanced English Student`s book

    New Cambridge Advanced English Student`s book, by Leo Jones
    Cambridge University Press; 2 edition | October 28, 1998 | English | ISBN: 052162939X | PDF | 194 Pages | 43,9 Mb​

    Description : New Cambridge Advanced English is the revised and updated edition of the popular Cambridge Advanced English. The course has been completely redesigned in full colour and its stimulating reading and listening extracts have been supplemented with new authentic reading texts and interviews. Theme units, providing practice in spoken and written fluency, alternate with language units which develop accuracy in grammar, vocabulary, functions and pronunciation. In addition, New Cambridge Advanced English now contains exam-style exercises designed specifically to prepare candidates for the Cambridge CAE exam.

    The approach to the exam is low-key, however, with guidance and notes on exam-style exercises given in the Teacher`s Book only. When used in conjunction with CAE Practice Tests, New Cambridge Advanced English makes the ideal preparation for the exam, and is especially suitable for mixed classes of exam candidates and non-candidates.

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