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These days, bullying has become a prevalent form of youth violence, particularly in school settings, turning into an alarming issue in our modern world. It stands to reason that victims of bullying have experienced negative impacts across all domains of their lives. This essay will take a look at the causes of those problems.

If we want to find out the approach to that issue, we need to be aware of the nature of bullying. There are a variety of subjective and objective causes which hurt children as a whole. Firstly, the main reason why children become a target of bullying is down to their difference in diverse fields. The first thing to consider is appearance. The existence of the golden ratio has formed some prejudice among the beauty of humans. Therefore, at schools, with the lack of some knowledge, children find it fun to comment on other people’s appearance. For that reason, children easily fall into the case of being victimized and excluded because of their strange bodies. Moreover, students with specific learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, emotional and behavior disorders, other health impairments, and speech or language impairments report greater rates of victimization than their peers (Rose & Gage, 2016 ).

Secondly, the bullying behaviors may stem from competitions at institutuons, and high expectations of parents. For example, with the pressure from parents to be the lead in the exam, children go to any lengths to win otherwise they will be punished or told off. So when they see other friends have passed, they will develop a feeling of jealousy and use aggressive behavior. Sometimes their aggressive behaviors are affected by the environment they live in. The long time’s exposure to violence makes children take this for granted and do it without realizing that it is wrong. Individuals of families with low parental care, unpredictable and harsh discipline over controlling families in which individuals experience violence from parents easily develop aggressive behaviors.

Lastly, the advent of technology and social media has exacerbated the situation because it brings about cyberbullying. In the past, everything was restricted to only happening at schools. These days, because children are naive, they are easily becoming a target of bullying online. One in five (20.9%) teens (9 to 12 years old) has been cyberbullied, cyberbullied others, or seen cyberbullying. (Patchin & Hinduja, 2020).

To sum up, bullying in school has become an everlasting problem that needs action from all sides, ranging from schools to families. It is of utmost importance that students inform the teachers and schools intervene in case of bullying to prevent long-term harm.