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Nguyen Van Nam
6 Lang Trung, Dong Da, Ha Noi
Tel: 090-260448

Mar 20, 2009

ABCD Enterprise

Attn: Human Resources Manager

Re: Salesman post

Dear Sir,

In reply to your advertisement in the Newspaper, I am pleased to enclose my C.V to apply for the Salesman position of your office in HCMC.

From my C.V, you will see that, I graduated from Foreign Trade University with a good bachelor degree. I have a good command of Vietnam economic and social situation, and I am confident in doing business.

At present, I am working for....

In addition, I am active and enthusiastic. I am willing to learn and do what takes to get a job done well even under pressure or on far mission.

I am looking forward to an interview at your office.

Yours faithfully,

Nguyen Van Nam


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