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Nowadays, selling the products online is quite popular and, more and more people make money from this form. They can work from home without going to the office and more importantly, they can earn very much money, and they are their boss.

I am an author; I am interested in creating the digital products like training course or webinar and sell them on JVZoo.

My training course always gets attention to customers because I invest into advertising a lot so I can earn hundreds of sales per each product.

First, I built an impressive JV page to attract the affiliate marketers because I needed them to promote my new product. I used a launch app is Igloo App of Josh Ratta- a quite talented and creative author.

I created my JV page so quickly, and it looks very professional.

After my JV page was public, there were a lot of affiliate marketers who suggest grabbing their aff links.

Therefore, my product reached out many customers throughout the world and as a result, I sold more than 2,000 sales.

You surely want to know what the name of the app I used to create my JV page is, don’t you?

You will find it if you continue reading my iGloo App review.
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