If clause and Wish sentences


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Conditional clause (if clause)

1. Real condition

2. Unreal condition at present: If past simple, S+ would/ could+ V
Ex: If I were you, I would go to the hospital.
be have 2 forms : were and was
but we usually use "were" for all subjects.

3. Unreal conditon in the past: If+ past perfect , S+ would/could+ have+ P2
Ex : If he had worked hard, he wouldn't have failed the exam.

4. The mixed condition clauses
Ex: Lan ate too much so she feels sick.
(past) (present)
-> If Lan hadn't eaten so much, she wouldn't feel sick.

5. Unless = If... not...
Ex: Unless Lan studies hard, she will fail the exam.
(= If Lan doesn't study hard)

6. as long as
so long as
đều có nghĩ là "miễn là"

on conditon that: với điều kiện là

Ex: I don't care who you are as long as you love me

7. suppose (that): giả sử
supposing (that): giả sử

Wish sentences

- English uses "wish" when something almost can't be done.
- It's opposite the reality

1. Wish at present: wish + S+ V( past simple)
Ex: I wish I were a programer.
She wishes she could swim.

2. Wish in the future: wish+ S+ would + V
Ex: The monitor won't go camping with us.
-> We wish the monitor would go camping with us.

3. Wish in the past: wish+ S+ past perfect
Ex: I wish I had passed the exam. ( It means I didn't pass the exam)

4. If only: giá như
Ex:If only you loved me. < hahaha
If only you will come. (= hope)