IELTS Writing Sample: Freedom of Speech

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    IELTS Writing Sample: Freedom of Speech

    IELTS Writing Sample: Freedom of Speech

    Cùng luyện thi IELTS với trung tâm anh ngữ RES nhé!

    Write about the following topic:

    Is freedom of speech necessary in a free society?

    Model answer

    In the last decade, there has been considerable debate over the role of free speech in a free society. Some object to absolute freedom of speech. Others advocate free speech, arguing that the freedom of speech is the single most important political right of citizens in a civilized society. Whilst I believe that there are strong arguments on both sides, I would suggest that freedom of speech should be protected in all but extreme circumstances.

    The freedom of speech is important at all levels in a society. Yet it is most important for the governments. A government which does not know what the people feel and think is in a dangerous position. This is how the communist regimes of Eastern Europe were toppled in the 1980s. The same is happening again in other regions of the world today. The governments that muzzle free speech run a risk of pushing their people to behave destructively or to rebel.

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