Grammar Practice Simplified, set of 4 books

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    Grammar Practice Simplified, set of 4 books


    Created and illustrated by Highlights magazine for children, these workbooks teach grammar including punctuation, parts of speech, editing, mechanics, fragment and run-on sentences, capitalization, verb tenses, and more. The instructions are simple enough for children to follow and correct all by themselves (all the answers are in the back). Select books by skill level, rather than age. Best for motivated children who can read and understand instructions, and then apply what they've learned in a fill-in-the-blank format. 48 pages.

    Workbook A (Grade 2 and up): Sentences, end punctuation, nouns, verbs.

    Workbook B (Grade 3 and up): Sentence structure, nouns, verbs, pronouns, mechanics, editing

    Workbook C (Grade 4 and up): Subjects and predicates, parts of speech, mechanics, proofreading

    Workbook D (Grade 5 and up): Sentence expansion, parts of speech, capitalization & punctuation, verbs.

    They are in one pdf package the 4 books
    File size: 22.6mb
    File type: pdf


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