Frequent Traveler's Guide What Smart Travelers and Travel Agents Know


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Paperback: 312 pages|
# Publisher: Sphinx Publishing (March 1, 2005)|
# Language: English|
# ISBN-10: 1572485027|
# ISBN-13: 978-1572485020​
Whether a regional traveler, an international vacationer, or an on-the-road businessperson, this title is a "must have" guide to use and carry before and during all trips.

Organized in an easy-to-use format, the book covers such general travel interests as air, car rental, hotels/motels, cruises, tour packages and rail/bus travel. Each of these interest areas are then divided into sections that cover everything from the initial contract to federal laws that regulate both the industry and the traveler, planning tips, and defending your rights when you determine that you have been misled or mistreated.

Separate sections on international travel, using travel agencies, travel brokers and travel websites are also included. Specific information regarding insurance, currency exchange, travel scams and discrimination in travel are all addressed. AUTHORBIO: Alexander Anolik received his law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of Law. His San Francisco-based firm is the largest U.S. law corporation specializing in travel law and litigation. Mr. Anolik is an author of many travel industry and hospitality law books.

John K. Hawks serves as the managing partner of Hawks Management Services, Inc., a Kentucky-based association management firm for nonprofit trade groups. He was formerly senior vice-president of the National Tour Association and is founding editor of two travel magazines. Mr. Hawks is currently the executive director of the Consumer Travel Rights Center in Lexington, KY