Đừng mê Starcraft quá anh nhé ^^!

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    Đừng mê Starcraft quá anh nhé ^^!

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    This one's for Jae. HAPPY THREE MONTHS!


    VERSE 1
    You can play your Starcraft II
    And I'll still say that I love you
    'Cause though you play these games online,
    You're not a player when it comes to love

    And even though you say
    It's just a game to my face
    I know that you can't stay away
    From thinking of new strategies to try

    'Cause you're my Starcraft guy
    And I don't know why
    But I can't deny your nerdiness
    Oh I
    Love my Starcraft guy

    VERSE 2
    You can play as Protoss, Zerg, or Terran
    But in any case you're still my man and
    If you need minerals or vespene gas,
    I'd mine for you if I could

    And even if you lose a game or two
    It doesn't matter 'cause I'm here for you
    And you can call me when your games are done
    Just do another run

    [CHORUS x2]

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