Common verbs that have stative meaning-nghĩa trạng thái tĩnh


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Verbs that have stative meanings can not be used in-progess tense :
1> Mental state : trạng thái tinh thần
know, realize, believe, understand, recognize, feel, suppose, desire, need
think, imagine, remember, forget, want, mean, doubt
2>Emotional state: trạng thái tình cảm
love, like, appriciate, please, prefer, hate, dislike, fear, envy, mind, care, astonish, amaze, surprise
3>Possession : sở hữu
possess, own, belong, have
4> Sense perceptions : cảm nhận của giác quan
taste, hear, see, smell, feel
5> Others existing states
seem, look, appear, sound, resemble, look like, cost, owe, weigh, equal, be, matter, consist of, contain, include
Những từ im đậm là loại đặc biệt, chúng có cả progressive meanings. For examles : These flowers smell good and Ann is smelling them.