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1, with oceans, rivers, gulfs, mountain rangers, seas, and plural lakes
Ex: the pacific ocean, the rockie, the andes, the great lakes
2,with the countries that have a plural name or that have an adjective in except great britain
Ex: the United states, the netherlands
3, with the groups of islands with a plural name:
Ex: the philipines, the virgin islands
4, with names of geographic areas:
Ex: the middle east, the orient
5, with the universities, colleges, schools when the name beggins with "school"Ex: the university of texas, the college of engineering
6, with the names of wars (excluding world war)
Ex: the civil war
7, with the names of historical documents:
Ex: the treaty of geneva
8, with the names of ships, trains, airplanes
Ex: the queen mary
1, with the names of singular lakes, mountains, and islandsEx: lake superior, mount everest
2, with cointries with a singular name
Ex: spain, china
3, with the names of the continents
Ex: asia, eroupe
4, with the names of states, towns, streets
Ex: Florida, broady way
5, with names of general subjects
Ex: geography, history
6, with names of people, magazines:
Ex: Time magazine, charlie brown
7, with universities, colleges, and schools begging with a proper noun:Ex: Los Angeles city college, Harvard
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