25 người Mỹ gốc Việt nổi bật cho xã hội Mỹ.


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Danh sách 25 người Mỹ gốc Việt nổi bật cho xã hội Mỹ.

Tony Lam (Westminster councilmember)
Thang Barret (first Vietnamese judge in California)
Father Mai Thanh Luong (established the first Vietnamese Catholic church
located in New Orleans. Has a street named after him in New Orleans.)
Quynh Trang (Owner of Little Saigon News station and radio; Vietnamese
Broadcasting Network, first to broadcast TV programs)
24/24, across the nation in Vietnamese.
Huynh Sanh Thong (translated The Tale of Kieu; MacArthur Fellow at Yale)
Viet Dinh (Associate Professor of Law at Georgetown. Associate Special
Counsel for the Special Committee to Investigate the Whitewater Development
Corporation and Related Matters in the United States Senate)
Thoa Tran (volunteer of Suc Khoe La Vang, a public health organization;
founder and principal of a local Vietnamese language school, Huong Viet
Community Center)
Thuy Vu (newscaster for Fox News in the Bay Area)
Leyna Nguyen (Sunday Evening News anchorwoman)
Tran De (journalist)
Andrew Lam (Writer/Journalist; Pacific News Service)
Nguyen Xuan Vinh (NASA)
Kieu Chinh (actress - Joy Luck Club)
Toni Bui (director of Three Seasons)
Le Ly Hayslip (wrote When Heaven and Earth Change Places; founder of East
Meets West Foundation)
Cao Ky Duyen (mistress of ceremony for Paris By Night; lawyer)
Dustin Nguyen (actor, 21 Jump Street)
Navia Nguyen (model who was voted 50 most beautiful in People Magazine)
Mary Nguyen (Revlon)
Dat Nguyen (Dallas Cowboy football player)
Kevin Nguyen (Director of Federal and State Affairs, American Civil Rights
Institute - Prop 209)
Tue Nguyen (received 7 degrees from MIT during the mid 80s.)
Jean Nguyen (military lady honored by Ronald Reagan in Presidential State of
Union Address)
Dang Pham (Deputy Director/Chief of Staff, Office of Bilingual Education &
Minority Language Affairs, US Department of Education - highest ranking gov't
Duy Hoang (World Bank financial analyst; VPAC Board of Directors)
Quoc Duong (former Director of Community Affairs, Office of Governor Pete
Thien Minh Ly (hate crime victim; former president of VSA at UCLA)
Do Ngoc Yen (pioneer in publishing daily newspaper for the Vietnamese
community; found and president of Nguoi Viet, prestigious 20 year-old
Vietnamese newspaper)
Bich Ngoc Nguyen (Dept of Education. Now with Radio Free Asia)
Lan Cao, (author of Monkey Bridge; an attorney teaching in Brooklyn)
Le Thi Diem Thuy (poet/performance artist. Her memoir is forthcoming from
Knopf I believe. Also, she has traveled w/her one woman show to a number of
venues, including the Whitney Museum in NYC. She's also participated in the
Dodge Poetry Festival (pretty big--at least amongst poets))
Barbara Tran (co-author of Watermarks, an anthology of Vietnamese American
poetry and short stories)
Eugene Trinh, (American astronaut)
Kien Pham (first White House fellow then assistant to the U.S. assistant
secretary of defense for international security)

And many more

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