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    [Lyrics] The Friendly Call - Birdflesh

    Excuse me excuse me I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't mean to call this late But I have to tell you something important I know you think that our families are good friends I think you and your family should die Yeah I remember the dinner It really sucked And that trip we did to...
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    [Lyrics] The Turn Of A Friendly Card - The Alan Parsons Project

    ▶️ There are unsmiling faces and bright plastic chains And a wheel in perpetual motion And they follow the races and pay out the gains With no show of an outward emotion And they think it will make their lives easier For God knows up till now it's been hard But the...
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    [Lyrics] Radio Friendly Unit Shifter - Nirvana

    I was just wondering.... do you like me? Use just once and destroy Invasion of our piracy Afterbirth of a nation Starve without your skeleton key I love you for what I am not I do not want what I have got A blanket acne'ed with cigarette burns Speak at once while taking turns...
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