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You're Nothing Special is not a must-watch drama. Its plot line is a bit unimaginative and the scenes are mediocre. There is no mention of Norm Macdonald's illness in the film. As such, it doesn't have much appeal beyond its lack of originality.

You're Nothing Special is a Spanish teen drama​

'You're Nothing Special' is a Spanish teen drama with six episodes. The show is the brainchild of Estibaliz Burgaleta, who also wrote the Spanish version of SKAM. It centers around a young woman named Amaia, who moves to her mother's village in Salavarria, where she discovers that she might have inherited her grandmother's magical powers. In addition, she becomes the first witch in the village's history.
The show is not perfect, but it is enjoyable and entertaining. There are moments of heightened tension, a touching love story, and plenty of drama. Although it isn't as fantastical as 'The Magicians,' You're Nothing Special is still a watchable teen drama, with its endearing characters and interesting storyline.
"You're Nothing Special" follows the life of a teenager named Amaia. She's moved to Salabarria, a sleepy rural town, because her mother is moving back to her hometown. She and her nine-year-old sister Ona are on their way to reconnect with her family, but Amaia has her own problems. She has a crush on the mysterious Asier, but he's already committed to his girlfriend, Irene.
Netflix also has Spanish original series You're Nothing Special. It stars Emily Deschanel. The show has also received critical acclaim. Despite its language barrier, the show's plot is rooted in Spanish culture.

It's a comedy without mention of Norm Macdonald's illness​

While Norm Macdonald is not a medical professional, his plight is often the subject of comic books and movies. He has also been a host of Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" since 1993. He has also starred in several films, including Dirty Work and Screwed. He also hosted a three-season sitcom on the network Comedy Central. His comedy career took off with his non sequitur stand-up riffs, and he even made celebrities laugh.
While Macdonald's illness is never mentioned in "You're Nothing Special," the movie's dark humor gives the jokes weight. The film features long jokes about the hypothetical disconnection of life support. Another funny joke is about a janitor bumping the plug out of a wall. This dark humor doesn't have to be a part of a comedy to be effective.
Hoekstra is uncertain about whether or not to include Norm Macdonald's illness in You're Nothing Special. The actor wasn't comfortable with revealing details of his illness, and Macdonald himself never revealed the illness publicly. His fellow comics didn't know about his terminal illness, and many recall how Macdonald wanted to understand God during his later years.
"You're Nothing Special" is a Netflix special that's an excellent tribute to Macdonald's life. It was written before his illness and performed in one take at home. The one-man show is not only a tribute to Macdonald, but also a great primer for stand-up comedy. The show is also paired with a half-hour discussion with six of his friends.

It's thin​

Despite its thin plot and predictable arc, "You're Nothing Special" is a decent show with a nice look. The show champions the underdog and the ostracized in an entertaining way. It's available to stream on Netflix. But if you want to watch it without paying the subscription fee, you might want to look elsewhere.
You're Nothing Special is a Spanish original on Netflix that focuses on a group of young people navigating the teenage years. It features a cast of talented actors and actresses, including Delia Brufau, Oskar de la Fuente, Ainara Perez, Jaime Wang, Elia Galera, Jordy Aguilar, Miriam Cabeza, and Unai Arana.

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