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architecture, art galleries and museums all add their own distinct flavour to Broome, making for a destination that’s definitely one of a kind. With all of the above in mind, if you’re planning on paying a trip to this part of the country, here’s our list of the Things to do in Broome:

Broome Bird Observatory

24km from Broome, WAThe landscape isn’t the only major highlight of the greater Broome area, as its array of distinct wildlife on both land and sea is equally impressive. The Kimberley region boasts over 300 species of birds as a whole, including an array of colourful parrots, cockatoos and galahs which can reach relatively large sizes for bird life. If you’ve got an interest in all things avian, be sure to pay a visit to the Broome Bird Observatory during your visit, as it’s one of the best overall showcases of winged creatures not only in this region but Australia as a whole.

Go Kayaking with the Broome Adventure Company

Location: 158 Reid Rd, Cable Beach, WABroome’s coastal location has played a large role throughout its history in both the town’s establishment and continued development as a sightseeing destination, with its famously beautiful turquoise waters offering plenty of chances for exploration of both marine life and interesting rock formations for which the region is famous. Getting out and enjoying this alternative viewpoint of Broome’s surrounds is made both easy and fun on a tour with the Broome Adventure Company, who offer kayaking tours for travellers looking for a firsthand look at the renowned blend of bird and marine life that call this part of Australia home. Featuring dual kayaks that are designed for a combination of teamwork and stable paddling, this allows even first-timers to get out on the water and access some of the more remote beaches and bays of the greater Broome area.
Broome Historical Museum

Location: 67 Robinson St, Broome, WABroome has quite a mixed and interesting history that sets it apart from many other towns and cities around Australia, with a variety of different influences that have combined to make the town and its surrounds what they are today. You can find one of the most comprehensive visual displays of this past at the Broome Historical Museum that is a living slice of history in and of itself – with a construction dating back to 1910, it’s a reminder of early building styles dating back to this time period, and sets the scene appropriately for what is contained within. Situated near the Broome town beach, while the size of the Broome Museum is relatively small, the sheer quantity and uniqueness of many of the exhibits contained within offers plenty to keep you occupied

Explore the Kimberley region with Kimberley Wild Expeditions
Location: 20 Johnny Chi Ln, Broome, WAOne of the biggest drawcards for many people visiting Broome is the various geographical lures of its surrounding Kimberley region, and its rugged beauty and diversity of natural features make it the ideal place for a range of different adventures in which to take part. Still largely untouched and a true embodiment of “raw” Australia at its finest, the Kimberley manages to blend gorges, towering rock formations, incredible sunsets and unique landscapes into one impressive sightseeing extravaganza. Those looking to head out of Broome for a single or multi-day trip would be well served travelling with Kimberley Wild Expeditions, who – through a combination of local regional knowledge and some tough all-terrain vehicles – specialise in getting visitors to the Kimberley an up-close-and-personal taste of its many offerings.A multitude of different tours of Australia’s North West are available to choose from, each with different budget levels, travel itineraries and accommodation options to provide a range of choice that should hopefully suit any needs.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Location: Willie Creek Rd, Waterbank, WAIt’s interesting the impact that a single mineral can have in altering the fortunes of an entire region, but Broome’s abundance of these beautiful oyster-produced gems have been one of the main lifebloods of the town’s economy for over a century. The award-winning Willie Creek Pearl Farm, located in a beautiful spot on the coastline roughly 38 kilometres to the north of Broome makes what might sound like the relatively boring process of pearl production and history into a highly entertaining attraction with plenty of insight and attractive visuals to make it an essential part of a visit to Broome. While you WILL learn about how these rare and beautiful gems are created during your time here, there’s much more to the attraction than that – various activities to take part in provide a taste of the sights of the Broome region’s lovely natural environment as

The Sun Pictures Cinema

Location: 27 Carnarvon St, Broome, WABroome’s weather is a large contributing factor to making the town such a popular getaway spot, particularly during its long dry season when it’s nearly picture-perfect: pleasant blue skies, comfortably warm weather and balmy evenings make it a destination where you’re likely going to want to spend most of your time outdoors. It’s only fitting then that Broome takes what is traditionally an indoor experience and flips its on its head

Visit the Horizontal Falls with Horizontal Falls Adventures

Location: Cable Beach, Broome, WAAs mentioned above, the Kimberley region’s diversity of landscapes offers a number of spectacles you simply can’t encounter in many other parts of Australia, and the nearby Horizontal Falls are one of the prime examples of this.
Experience a sunset at Cable Beach

Location: Broome, WA“Postcard-perfect.” “Unforgettable”. “No words to describe its beauty”. These are just some of the terms used to describe Broome’s Cable Beach uttered by first-time visitors witnessing one of its fabled sunsets, and upon stepping upon its shores at just the right time of the day and the year, it isn’t hard to see why. Although increasingly gaining an added degree of national and worldwide exposure due to publicity received on the Interne When Things to do in Broome all is said and done however, it’s Cable Beach’s evening spectacle that is the true show-stealer however, and its combination of unforgettable colour and sun-meets-moon beauty that leads to it being one of Australia’s true must-visit destinations in one’s lifetime, and thus our choice for the Top Thing to do in Broome.
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