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A day trip along the river is a fantastic way to discover Nha Trang tour a day from Nha Trang port, its people, and the local way of life. Travel through the Vietnamese countryside and visit the locals as they go about their daily work. Traveling by boat means this day tour stays at a relaxed pace and you and the family will see a whole range of attractions along the way.

At 8 am, our private taxi transfers Nha Trang port to Nha Trang will pick up outside of the Nha Trang port ( local name is Cau Da port) From here board the riverboat for the leisurely cruise .

Travel up the Cai River to observe the peaceful life of the villages along Nha Trang’s waterway and witness the daily life of the local people.

Take a special tuk tuk to visit a wide range of local handicrafts in production, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery that unfolds along the banks, experience and make acquaintance with local people in their natural scenery & daily life such as:

Sedge mat weaving: Sedge mat is popular to all people in tropical weather. Two people working together will weave just four mats in a day, which will be taken to the local market and traded for food and other essentials. Tourists can try weaving.

Inspirational Pagoda Orphanage: where it shelters and cares for over 160 abandoned, orphaned or street children. They range from several months to 9 years of age. The children of the orphanage are taken care of by a group of Buddhist nuns and volunteers.
· Service includes : English speaking driver,all of fuel and driver expense,parking and airport fee,water,tissue

· Service excludes : Entrance fee,tour guide,accommodation,and other service not clear mention.

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