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LIVE LEAP REVIEW Time to step up to the BIG time with your consulting business.

Consulting / Offline Marketing Short

No More CHUMP Change What Are YOU Worth?

As a consultant, the #1 lesson to learn is what your time is worth.

Second lesson? How to make your time worth MORE.


When you get clients incredible results, your time becomes more

valuable. Plain and simple. Plugin, follow along and in minutes you’ll be driving targeted visitors

to anything your clients have on offer. Using the hottest social media platform online, full of engaged users

that have their wallets open. Bring THESE users in, and you can charge whatever you want.

Time to bump up YOUR consulting rates.

Paid Ads Are KILLING Your eCom Biz Quick And Dirty eCom Profits

We all know eCom has become one of the fastest ways to make sales online. But...

Sales don’t necessarily mean profits.

Especially NOT when you’re burning up your budget with paid ads, just to get visitors to

your offers. What if there was a way to get TENS of THOUSANDS of targeted eyeballs on your roducts, WITHOUT paying?

More and more, people go to social media before making a buying decision. So when

you get in front of social media users, you have the chance to funnel BUYERS directly

to your offers. Right now, the hottest platform on social media sits right inside of FB, with its FB Live

LIVE LEAP REVIEW platform. Thousands of targeted buyers are just waiting to hear from you.

Do a live Q&A, talk about product categories, or simply share some tips and tricks. Then

provide a link to your store, and watch your sales and conversions EXPLODE.

Beta testers of this software have already seen incredible results. We’re talking about

some of the most engaged, BUYING social media users out there.

P.S. FB is great, but it’s only 1 platform. To truly leverage the best of social media and
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