How To Find Peace Without Losing Your Faith


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Have you ever experienced something so hurtful, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t possibly see anything good coming out of the situation?

My mom died suddenly of a heartache. I felt as though God should have given me more time with her. I couldn’t understand how or why God would take the one person who meant everything to me. I won’t lie, I was wavering in Faith. I had my good days, I would tell myself. “Everyone must go someday. It was just her time” and I had my bad days, I was determined to blame all of my pain and heartache on God.

At the time of my mother’s death neither one of us had a real relationship with God. Yes we believed in God. But, He was not the head of our lives as He should have been. Neither one of us had been to church in years. In fact, I would ask my mom on occasion, why she’d stop going to church. But it would always end in an argument. She would always tell me that she had had it with church folks and thought they were the biggest hypocrites.

Two weeks prior to my mom’s death, her cousin died. At her cousin’s funeral, my mom was so moved by the pastor’s anointing and the message, that she told me that if anything ever happened to her, she wanted that same pastor to officiate her funeral. Little did I know, three weeks later, he would be doing just that!

At my mom’s funeral, I was so impressed with that very same pastor. I couldn’t help but think to myself “this was that wonderful feeling my mom had felt just weeks before her death, in this very same church”. That Church has been my church home for many many years now. The best decision I have ever made!

In anything, we always have a choice to bring good out of a bad situation. Looking for that good is what starts your healing.

The worst thing anyone can ever do in the time of heartache and hardship is turn their back on God. Blaming Him will not heal your wounds. Instead get a Bible verse. Make it your favorite, your go to verse when you’re feeling down or hurt. Repeat it, Believe it, and watch God go to work in your life!
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