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Coffee and milk have created eternal and iconic definitions such as Cappucino, Latte or Mocha ... But Milk base is the huge collision of the coffee and milk, bringing asteroids of incense for people to enjoy.

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Milk base / Espresso is a concept that describes an overview and the creative space between coffee and sweet milk precisely. A fixed ratio between coffee and milk will give the contemporary kinds of coffee many coffee shops offer. Let’s see what is the right ratio for your taste and spirit:


With a lovely name, Cappucino reminds people of the wooden boy Pinocchio in the famous fairy tale. It is a popular drink for people who first come for coffee.

A cappuccino consists of 3 main components: espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. 3 levels of maturity, youth and calmness make a cup of cappuccino that can not be more harmonious for people of all ages.

Milk foam layer increases the fat, aroma for the milk cream and reduces the acidity and bitterness of the coffee flavor, helping the cup of coffee become complete and softer. The soft foam layer keeps the heat and the aroma for the coffee and hot milk below so that every cup of Cappu is always warm and aromatic throughout the conversation.

The workers at the Factory always make use of the foam to express their soul and impression through each cup of cappuccino seved to customers.


"Later you will get Latte." Also, be a drink in the Milkbase / Espresso file, Latte is "more mature" and "grown-up" than Cappucino in compared to ingredients and flavor. A cup of Latte is created from 3 main parts: espresso, steamed milk, and froth. But the milk foam is much less, making the latte be no longer daydreaming like a gentle cup of Cappu.

Latte is often served in quite large glass cups. A skilled barista that can generate micro-foam when stretching the milk will often present your drink with some artistic latte art on top.

Flat White

Coming to Flat White, the ratio of coffee and milk is becoming more complex and difficult to control. The aim of a flat white is generally to serve an espresso-based drink, with un-texturized milk. This is milk that has not had air incorporated into it while being stretched. So will in most cases be espresso and steamed milk, little or no froth.

The small ceramic cup supports the flavor layer so that Flat White is for a bright new morning.

Mocha Cafe

Being unique thanks to the bitter and sweet taste of coffee and chocolate, Mocha brings a strange irresistible charm. Mocha uses dark chocolate combined with espresso and some gentle sweet milk.

Mocha is suitable for cold winter days, with a breath of smoke in the mist, mixed with warm steam from Mocha. Nothing is more perfect than a warm winter kiss and a charming Mocha like a girl's lips.

Milk base / Espresso

Legendary concepts of coffee encapsulated in the definition of Milkbase / Espresso at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. If you choose Milk base / Espresso, surprises and experiences are what our dear friends can expect. What makes the drinks at the Factory is not a traditional default rate, it is two factors in the name of the drink: Coffee and Milk. Based on the variety of coffee customers choose, Baristas will give recommendation to embrace the beauty of coffee flavours.

Coffee and coffee variety are what customers need to keep in mind first. The taste of coffee - interesting fruits - brings with it all kinds of climates and landscapes. Finca El Cascara is fragrant with peaches, plums and stoned fruits scent. Fazenda São Benedito provides customers with a tropical and fresh fruit garden. Or treat your taste buds with gently feminine jasmine from coffee beans at Reko Washing Station. And impressive but also traditional from the fresh orange and citrus fruits of coffee beans from Gura Factory AA.

Then comes the Milk. Strong sweet condensed milk with a passionate body, long taste on the lips and mouth. Coconut milk is fat, greasy and refreshing as it opens up a beautiful sea space with a salty breeze. Oat milk is bright and elegant. It is hard to taste first, but you won’t change when in love with it. And the traditional Dairy milk remains the most popular choice of people.
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