Who Is King Cobra? the Arabasta Saga of One Piece Seven Warlords of the Sea


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King Cobra was introduced to the fans during the Arabasta Saga of One Piece. He was revealed to be the monarch of the land of Arabasta and fans met him when his country was in a state of great turmoil. One of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Crocodile, was running riot in Arabasta from behind the scenes and the one who took the blame for everything was none other than Cobra himself. The people blamed him for stealing their rain away and the entire country was on the brink of civil war. This is precisely where Vivi came into play as she infiltrated Baroque Works, the organization led by the Warlord of the Sea, Sir Crocodile. There, she met the Straw Hat Pirates and brought them along with her to her country. Eventually, the Straw Hats defeated Crocodile and Arabasta was returned to its former glory.

King Cobra was central to this entire arc and, throughout it, fans were shown how incredibly devoted he was to his people and how truly just and thoughtful he was. There are very few rulers within the world of One Piece who can be called truly worthy of being Kings and Cobra was certainly one of them. In fact, even Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, thought that Cobra was one of a kind leader and that the devotion he showed to his people was unmatched. Cobra even harbored the Straw Hat Pirates and treated them to a feast of Heroes.







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